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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dinner@MAngro Tree

Had a great time last saturday with our lecturer en mat (now Dr. Mohammad Jais) and his family, teresa, mimi, diana, debie et moi.

Just Arrived! (from left ; diana, debie)

en mat!(beside diana) xsilap aku en mat ajar finance kot dulu.eh lupe la...btul ke die ajar finance bie? nape aku bley rase cam xpernah masuk klas die? oh my!! aku mmg slalu ponteng klas heehhee

all of us! (from left ; mahathir-ank en mat, wife en mat, syahmi-ank en mat, en mat, diana and me) (behind from left ; debie, teresa, mimi)

Friends for life!

thanx a lot to debie, the person who organized the dinner and the person who.... hehehe

p/s; debie ade blog x?? kalo ade jgn lupe inform me k!

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